eGaN Drivers and Controllers

EPC brings enhancement mode to GaN, disrupting the power conversion market and enabling new applications. Compared to the aging silicon MOSFET, GaN FETs have higher switching speeds in a much smaller footprint. Optimzed gate drive ICs and controllers help to extract the full advantage from this new, game-changing technology. For a more detailed discussion on gate drive requirements please see eGaN® FET Drivers and Layout Considerations.

As semiconductor suppliers continue to release driver ICs specifically optimized for eGaN FETs, the task of transitioning from silicon to eGaN technology will become even simpler and more cost effective.

Below is a list of existing IC’s compatible with eGaN FETs:

GaN Drivers and Controllers
Part NumberFunctionManufacturerDescription
Si827xGB-IMIsolated Gate DriverSilicon Labs4 Amp ISOdriver. For GaN applications designate “GB” suffix for
low UVLO and “IM” suffix for 5 x 5 mm LGA package.
PE29102Gate DriverPeregrineHigh-speed FET Driver, 40 MHz
LMG5200Power Stage Texas Instruments80 V GaN Half-Bridge Power Stage
LMG1205Gate Driver Texas Instruments1.2 A, 5 A, 100 V Half-Bridge Driver for eGaN FETs
TPS53632GController Texas InstrumentsHalf-Bridge, D-CAP+ Controller for 48-V GaN DC/DC Converter
NCP4305Controller On SemiconductorSecondary-side Synchronous Rectifier Controller
UCC27611Gate DriverTexas Instruments4 A/6 A High-Speed 5 V Optimized Single Gate Driver
LM5114Gate Driver Texas Instruments Single 7.6A Peak Current Low-Side Gate Driver
LM5113Gate DriverTexas Instruments5 A, 100 V Half-Bridge Driver for eGaN FETs