EPC2111 - Enhancement-Mode GaN Power Transistor Half Bridge

VDS, 30 V
19 mΩ (Q1, Control FET),
8 mΩ (Q2, Sync FET)
ID, 16 A (Q1), 16 A (Q2)
Pulsed ID, 50 A (Q1), 140 A (Q2)
RoHS 6/6, Halogen Free

EPC2111 Enhancement Mode GaN Power Transistor
Die Size: 3.5 mm x 1.5 mm


  • High Frequency DC-DC Conversion
  • Point-of-Load (POL) Converters


  • Higher Switching Frequency – Lower switching losses, lower parasitic inductance, and lower drive power
  • Higher Efficiency – Lower conduction and switching losses, zero reverse recovery losses
  • Smaller Footprint - Higher power density
Status: Engineering
Engineering devices, designated with an ENG* suffix at point of purchase, are products that EPC is preparing for production release. Specifications may change on final production release of the device. If you have questions please contact us.