eGaN FETs and ICs for Advanced Autonomy Lidar

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Design Cost Effective Direct and Indirect Time-of-Flight Lidar Transmitters

From the ebook you will learn:

  • About two approaches to 3D imaging: direct time-of-flight (DToF) and indirect time-of-flight (IToF)
  • Where each of these approaches will find its position in a growing array of applications from autonomous cars, to delivery pods, to robotics, and even vacuums.
  • How eGaN FETs and ICs enable both approaches for time-of-flight/lidar systems that see farther, see faster, see better.

EPC has the largest GaN portfolio in the industry from 15 V – 350 V, from less than 1 A to 590 A. See EPC's product portfolio.

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