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Wireless Power

EPC Wireless Power Solutions – Multiple Device, Large-Surface-Area Power Made Easy

Wireless power is ready to be incorporated into our daily lives. Transmitters can be placed in furniture, walls, floors, to efficiently and economically power or charge our electronic and electrical devices over large areas and to multiple devices.

Magnetic resonance technology is the key to ubiquitous implementation – enabling large surface area transmission, spatial freedom for placement of receiving devices, and the ability to power multiple devices simultaneously.

Total System Efficiency

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Reduce Time to Market – Wireless Power System Demonstration Kits

EPC offers a full range of transmit and receive reference designs from single device charging to multiple devices powered simultaneously across a large surface area.

At the core of these EPC reference designs are eGaN® FETs and ICs operating at 6.78 MHz frequency (meeting the AirFuel Alliance standard) resulting in maximum wireless power system efficiency.

GaN enables high efficiency for both the low frequency (Qi) and high frequency (AirFuel) standards supporting a lower cost, single transmit amplifier solution that can wirelessly charge devices regardless of the standard used in the receiving device.

All EPC wireless power demonstration kits contain a transmit unit (wireless power amplifier and transmit coil) and device receive unit(s). In addition, power amplifiers and device receive units are available to purchase individually.

    Device Receive Unit
Category 3 (6.5 W)
Category 3 (6.5 W)

Category 4 (13 W)
Category 3 (6.5 W)

Category 5 (27 W)
Category 3 (6.5 W)
Qi (5 W)
Typical Application smart phone,
Digital Assitant,
any 1 A USB device
any 2 A USB device
small form factor laptop,
19 V lamp
smart phone,
Digital Assitant,
any 1 A USB device
Transmit Unit
Class 2 (10 W)
Class 2 Demo Kit
Class 3 (16 W)
Class 3 Demo Kit
Class 4 (33 W)
Class 4 Demo Kit
Multi-Mode (10 W)
Multi-Mode Demo Kit
EPC wireless power demonstration kit
EPC9128, 16 W Class 3 kit

The kits cover power levels ranging from AirFuel class 2 through AirFuel class 4 as well as a multi-mode demo kit that covers both the AirFuel class 2 as well as the Qi inductive standard in a single amplifier.

Wireless Power Amplifiers

Amplifier boards are available for customers that have their own coil design.

  AirFuel Class Power Level Power Amplifier Board Topology
Transmit Power
2 10 W EPC9510 ZVS Class D
2 10 W EPC9051 Class E
3 16 W EPC9509 ZVS Class D
3 16 W EPC9052 Class E
4 33 W EPC9512 ZVS Class D
4 33 W EPC9053 Class E
5 60 W EPC9065 ZVS Class D
5 60 W EPC9083 Class E
Multi-Mode 10 W (AF)
5 W (Qi)
EPC9511 ZVS Class D
Wireless Power Demo Board
EPC9512 Amplifier Board

Device Receive Units

Device receive units are now available for customers that want to get various consumer electronic products quickly to market.

  AirFuel Category Power Level VOUT IOUT Device Receive Board Example Application
Device Receive Unit 3 5 W 5 1 EPC9513 smart phone
4 10 W 5 2 EPC9515 tablet, phablet
5 27 W 19 1.4 EPC9514 laptop
EPC9513 Receive Unit
EPC9513 Receive Unit

Examples of Device Receive Coils

WiPo personal assistant
Personal assistant
(5 V, 5 W)
Wireless desk lamp
Office desk lamp
(12 V, 6 W)
Wireless powe</span>r monitor
Computer monitor
(100 V, 22W)

eGaN FETs and ICs for Wireless Power

EPC’s gallium nitride devices are ideal for wireless power due to their ability to operate efficiently at high frequency, deliver high power, and in a small, low profile footprint.

With their low capacitance, zero reverse recovery, and low on-resistance, eGaN FETs and ICs ensure low operating losses leading to higher amplifier efficiency and help keep EMI generation low.

Configuration VDS Max
(VGS = 5 V)
Pulsed ID(A)
(25°C, Tpulse = 300µs)
Wireless Power Function
EPC2108 Dual with Bootstrap 60 240
BGA 1.35 x 1.35 Main power stage in amplifier
EPC2219 AEC-Q101 Single with Gate Diode 65 3300 0.5 BGA 0.9 x 0.9 Synchronous bootstrap in amplifier
EPC2107 Dual with Bootstrap 100 390
BGA 1.35 x 1.35 Main power stage in amplifier
EPC2038 Single with Gate Diode 100 3300 0.5 BGA 0.9 x 0.9 Synchronous bootstrap in amplifier
EPC2037 Single 100 550 2.4 BGA 0.9 x 0.9 Main power stage in amplifier /
Synchronous bootstrap in amplifier
EPC8010 Single 100 160 7.5 LGA 2.1 x 0.85 Main power stage in amplifier
EPC2221 Dual Common Source - AEC Q101 100 58 20 BGA 1.35 x 1.35 Main power stage in amplifier /
Synchronous bootstrap in amplifier
EPC2036 Single 100 73 18 BGA 0.9 x 0.9 SEPIC pre-regulator
EPC2007C Single 100 30 40 LGA 1.7 x 1.1 Main power stage in amplifier
EPC2012C Single 200 100 22 LGA 1.7 x 0.9 Main power stage in amplifier
EPC2019 Single 200 50 42 LGA 2.8 x 0.95 Main power stage in amplifier /
Boost FET in receive circuit
EPC Gallium Nitride FETs for Wireless Power Applications

The technological capability to achieve a wireless power future is here today!

Wireless Handbook

A major challenge for implementing wireless power is the design of the amplifier. The aim of this handbook is to understand the many challenges to designing an amplifier for wireless power, such as radiated EMI, multi-mode systems, and ways to improve efficiency.

Trilogy of Wireless Power Transfer

The "Trilogy of Wireless Power Transfer" consists of three parts: Basics Principles of Wireless Power Transmission, Wireless Power Transfer Systems and Applications. The book costs 19 euros and can be ordered from Würth Elektronik eiSos or through bookstores.

GaN Wireless Power Demonstrations

How appliances sitting on a desktop can be powered wirelessly
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