GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion

Second Edition

Alex Lidow, Johan Strydom, Michael de Rooij, David Reusch

This textbook provides power system design engineers basic technical and application-focused information on how to design more efficient power conversion systems using gallium nitride-based transistors.

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Second Edition


Book Reviews

“This book will be the definitive text for Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistors and applications for many years. It is a well written text that will be useful for both new and seasoned engineers to this exciting, disruptive, technology. The text flows logically, expertly and very accessibly from material properties, through device physics to applications covering both the theoretical and practical aspects of this field. The authors present compelling data that shows GaN to be far superior to silicon in the power conversion arena and leave the reader with a desire and a challenge to use GaN in their own applications. A great read! A great technology!”

Simon P. Wainwright, MBA, Ph.D.
Vice President & General Manager,
Hi-Rel Group,
Microsemi Corporation

“I have been working on power semiconductor devices for almost 30 years and I must say this a well written book on a great emerging technology. The book conveys complicated device physics in a simple to understand manner while focusing on practical application and impact. This is particularly timely since GaN power device is still a very new technology and few people understand it well. The discussion on circuit layout, parasitics and various applications are particularly useful and very insightful. As GaN devices keep pushing the envelope of high frequency applications, this book is a must read reference book for anyone who wants to design GaN transistors or any application engineers that want to develop the best GaN converters. I am recommending all my students to read this book.”

Alex Q. Huang,
NSF FREEDM Systems Center,
Keystone Science Center,
North Carolina State University, USA

“GaN technologies and devices have received great attention in microwave and power electronics applications recently, due to its inherent material merits over the conventional Si. This is the right time to have this book published, particularly as the authors are from the industry and know exactly what engineers’ needs are. This book provides a broad and in depth knowledge of GaN device characteristics, design consideration and circuit topology – making it the perfect handbook for engineers or college students who are interested in semiconductor power electronics.”

Ian Chan,
Episil Technologies, Inc.,

“This easy-to-follow text is well written for both engineers and students at all levels. It not only gives the information of device physics for readers to understand GaN transistors, but also presents the critical knowledge on how to using GaN transistors for efficient power conversion in terms of driving, PCB layout, and measurement, which is very important. I think authors have produced a piece of work that will become one of the classic texts for GaN technologies.”

Qiang Li,
Bradley Department of Electrical & Computing Engineering,
Virginia Tech, VA, USA

“For engineers and researchers interested in the emerging GaN power electronics, this book provides a great resource of valuable and easy-to-read discussions on device technology, device operations and circuit applications. The authors have done a great job in providing insightful discussions on device-circuit interactions. These discussions are particularly valuable since GaN power devices exhibit many distinct characteristics and require tailor-made application approaches to fulfill their promise. I would recommend all my students and colleagues interested in developing high-efficiency power electronics to read this book.”

Kevin J. Chen,
Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering,
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
Hong Kong, China

“In the power semiconductor industry, the development of gallium nitride (GaN) transistors has been increasingly valued. On one hand, this rise of GaN is fuelled by its enhancement of robustness of devices under the operating conditions of high switching speed and low on-resistance, as well as its high output power capabilities. In addition, the adoption of GaN transistors has been propelled by the insatiable appetite for innovating higher-performance new material and technology in the semiconductor industry.

As one of the authors of this book, Alex Lidow has been contributing to the development of advanced power conversion with significant milestones. This 2nd Edition of “GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion” textbook has been expanded from its 1st Edition. It includes the latest technological development of gallium nitride devices and an expansion of application examples, which makes the book an even more powerful and useful guiding tool for readers.

This book has been by far the most comprehensive textbook relating to gallium nitride transistors that I have ever read. ”

Yorbe Zhang,
Editor-in-Chief and Head of Content,
Global Sources eMedia Asia Group