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GaN IC Circuit Designer II

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Exempt Salaried


Orange County/San Diego County





Job Description:

EPC is a pioneer in GaN based power devices and integrated circuits. We are enabling new applications from machine to environment awareness using LIDAR to an integrated and cordless world through wireless power. We are innovators and drivers for a highly efficient power delivery chain of the future.

The GaN IC Circuit Designer II works at the functional block level of design, with a focus on device physics. Position responsibilities include:

  • Invent and design building block circuits, such as AND, comparators, drivers, level shifters, etc. suitable for use in GaN IC
  • Draft building block circuits specifications
  • Build and evaluate test circuits of IC sub circuits in various stages for evaluation and characterization
  • Draft IC sub circuit characterization reports
  • Identify improvements of sub-circuits
  • Support datasheet documentation
  • Simulate sub-circuits and generate simulate-able models
  • Working with counsel, draft patent applications.Design and implement IC test probing

Job Requirements:

  • Expertise in electrical circuit elements and circuits including transistors of various types
  • Expertise in understanding the formation of parasitic elements and how to design accordingly
  • Technical documentation writing for specialized procedures
  • Project planning and execution
  • Expertise in circuit simulation
  • Good understanding of semiconductor physics
  • Schematic capture skills
  • Strong data processing and documentation skills
  • Good computer and applications skills


  • MS degree or PhD in electrical engineering with a strong background in semiconductor physics
  • Minimum 3-5 years of circuit design experience
  • Experience with IC mask layout design a plus
  • GaN or GaAs experience a plus
  • Circuit Simulations experience
  • Finite element analysis experience a plus
  • Good analytical modelling capabilities


  • Passion to be working on something new and important
  • Ability to work independently, make decisions and take risks
  • Thinks outside the box to generate ideas, then take the idea and advance it
  • Can go deep and then quickly come up with an answer/idea without labored thinking - ask probing questions, get to the "gist", come up with a solution
  • Willing to do anything to solve problems - nothing beneath her/him
  • Highly collaborative/responsive with internal resources, fab, customers, etc.
  • High level of accessibility
  • Good listening skills
  • Willing to engage in open, honest interactions, and subordinate ego to get to action
  • Results oriented; data driven


Occasional as-needed.

To Apply:

Send resume to [email protected]. Place the job opening number in the subject line of the email. Provide resume in PDF format and use full name in file name