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Senior Application Engineer with Laser (Driver) focus


Electrical Engineering (Power Electronics, RF power)

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Regular Full-time


Schenectady, NY or El Segundo, CA




This is an opportunity to work at the leading edge of power electronics. Efficient Power Conversion Corp. was the first to introduce and commercialize enhancement-mode gallium-nitride-on-silicon FETs, also known as eGaN® FETs, and remains the leader in gallium nitride-based power management devices. With the recent addition of monolithically integrated GaN power stages, EPC increases GaN performance and widens the advantage over silicon-based power devices. GaN is increasingly adopted in high-performance power conversion applications and enables new applications such as wireless power transfer and LiDAR used in autonomous vehicles and robots.

We are looking for highly motivated people with the ability to identify and develop technological advantages of GaN-based semiconductors in various existing and new applications. Join our team and help develop the power semiconductor technology of the future.

Job Description:

As a senior applications engineer with laser driver focus, you will be part of a world-class team designing, guiding, and evaluating leading-edge GaN-device based laser diode drivers that deliver unrivaled performance. A high-power GaN-based laser driver can generate 200 A, 3 ns pulses, and a GaN IC driver can generate 10 A, 20 V square waves at over 100 MHz. The raw performance of GaN leads to a host of interesting problems: how to characterize and analyze the effect of small parasitics on extreme current and voltage transitions, how to mitigate or incorporate the effects, how to do proper layouts that meet performance, thermal, and EMI requirements, and how to communicate these solutions to customers. You will also be expected to recognize where and how these solutions apply to other problems in power electronics. Your skills and achievements will be published at several internationally recognized peer-reviewed conferences, in journals, and trade magazines.

This position requires an independent self-starter who pays attention to detail, has excellent organizational skills, has a proven track record of success, can generate new ideas, and works as part of a team. You will enjoy the support of a highly talented team who will assist your career growth and knowledge of GaN FETs and ICs. The primary responsibilities for this position are:

  • Development of pulse power drivers to drive laser diodes with nanosecond wide current pulses from 10 A to > 200 A.
  • In-depth parasitic analysis of driver power loops for layout and simulation
  • Development of measurement methods for extreme voltage and current pulses
  • Development of Spice laser driver simulation models for use by EPC and our customers
  • Design and produce demo boards that make use of all the above and develop related publications and educational materials
  • Participate in the definition of new GaN devices by testing new GaN devices applications and providing feedback on improvements,
  • Provide technical guidance and mentoring to customers,
  • Support sales and marketing teams,
  • Write and publish world-class technical documents, papers, and books


  • Design high-frequency switch-mode power converters and RF power amplifiers at the transistor level (UHF or above). Experience with pulse power circuits and EMI is a plus.
  • Familiarity with power semiconductor switching devices and gate drivers
  • Use simulation tools such as Spice for tasks such as circuit and component modeling, studying the effect of parasitics, and as part of the design process. Electromagnetic FEA modeling experience is a plus
  • Use analytical software tools such as Python, MATLAB, Octave
  • General analog and digital design
  • Experience with layout (Altium preferred) and PCB design process of digital, analog, and power switching/power RF converters or amplifier systems. Knowledge of IPC specifications and commercial/industrial layout practices is a plus,
  • Experience in debugging hardware issues and understanding root cause failure,
  • Practical bench experience: testing and setting up experiments, RF and high-frequency measurements, data processing, and document generation, soldering and rework, modification of boards and, mechanical assembly,
  • Publishing, seminar, tutorial, and other educational experience in English,
  • Project leadership experience is a plus


  • Understanding of RF and practical electromagnetic theory, including basic transmission line theory and s-parameters
  • Understanding of power switching and RF switch-mode amplifier circuits
  • Analysis of parasitic component behavior and the effects on power-switching circuits
  • Good understanding of the details of power semiconductor switching transitions, including real-world concerns like PCB layout effects
  • Understanding of system design aspects of power circuits, including thermal management, mechanical concerns
  • Good understanding of analog circuit design and low inductance layout design
  • Proficient in design capture and analysis software: schematics, PCB layout (Altium preferred), simulations (e.g., LTSpice)
  • Bench skills include power switching and RF measurements, and surface mount rework skills.
  • Good listening, verbal, written, and interpersonal communications skills.

Job Requirements:

  • MSE in electrical and electronic engineering with at least 3 years experience or Ph.D. in electrical and electronic engineering.
  • Work authorized.

Growth Opportunity:

This position offers the candidate the opportunity to grow with the latest semiconductor technologies in the company that invented the field. The work being done today at EPC addresses a $30B market dominated by aging silicon-based power MOSFETs and integrated circuits. Be the person to make a difference in this industry by contributing to the success of this new technology.

To Apply:

Send resume to [email protected]. Place the job opening number in the subject line of the email. Provide resume in PDF format and use full name in file name