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GaN for Consumer Applications Series: Design with GaN Power Electronics for Hi-Fidelity Class D-Audio for a Better Listening Experience

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Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices deliver double the power density over silicon MOSFETs, require no heatsink, and provide easier output stage scaling for high-power (> 100 W/channel) home, professional, and car and boat audio applications.

Join this webinar to learn how GaN designs:

  • Double the power with the same/smaller footprint.
  • Run so efficiently that mechanical heatsinks can be eliminated thus reducing size, weight, and cost.
  • Enable better audio performance including improved SNR, lower THD+N, lower T-IMD.

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Josh Feng

Speaker: Josh Feng Senior Director, Strategic Product Marketing, Efficient Power Conversion (EPC). Josh is a result-driven, strategic, analytical product leader who is passionate about materializing innovative business ideas / technologies to solve users' pain points and to generate sustainable revenue in a fast-growing environment.

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Design with GaN Power Electronics for Hi-Fidelity Class D-Audio

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