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GaN for Consumer Applications Series: Design with GaN Power Electronics for Smaller, More Efficient, USB PD 3.1 Fast-Chargers

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The USB-C power delivery standard aims to provide variable charging power up to 100 so that a single AC adapter can then be used to charge a wide variety of devices. The wide adoption of this standard has created a demand for ultra-compact and efficient fast chargers.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How GaN-based USB PD fast chargers can be up to 40% smaller and charge 2.5x faster than traditional silicon-based chargers.
  • How the thermal efficiency of GaN devices translates to lower losses so that more energy can be transferred to the device being charged
  • How GaN enables miniaturization, high efficiency, and high reliability

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Josh Feng

Speaker: Josh Feng Senior Director, Strategic Product Marketing, Efficient Power Conversion (EPC). Josh is a result-driven, strategic, analytical product leader who is passionate about materializing innovative business ideas / technologies to solve users' pain points and to generate sustainable revenue in a fast-growing environment.

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Design with GaN Power Electronics for USB PD 3.1 Fast-Chargers

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