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Lidar Webinar

GaN-based Solutions for Cost Effective Direct and Indirect Time-of-Flight Lidar Transmitters (Conducted in Mandarin)

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  • Two approaches to 3D imaging: direct time-of-flight (DToF) and indirect time-of-flight (IToF)
  • Where each of these approaches will find its position in the autonomous applications emerging now; robotics, drones, 3D sensing, autonomous cars, and more...
  • How integrating an eGaN FET plus driver on one chip generates an extremely powerful, blazing-fast IC and reduces size and cost for safer autonomy.
  • The results of GaN lidar-specific reliability testing showing no new failure mechanisms introduced by the new and extreme operating conditions of lidar transmitters.

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Henry Qiu

Speaker: Henry Qiu is the Senior FAE Manager at EPC providing technical support to customers and working with design engineers to develop applications using eGaN technology.

Henry has assisted customers to realize their product design pipelines implementing eGaN devices which optimized the circuit performance well beyond silicon FET-based solutions. Prior to joining EPC, Henry had over 6 years of experience in DC-DC power supply design. During his 3 years working for Huawei Technologies Co. Limited in Shenzhen, China, he managed power module projects, adopted GaN FETs in power supply applications, and had practical experiences incorporating the benefits of eGaN technology benefits into DC-DC, wireless power and lidar designs.

Henry earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Automation in 2011 and Master of Science degree in Control Theory and Control Engineering in 2014 from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), China.

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Lidar Webinar

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