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Understanding the Impact of Dead-time, QRR, and COSS

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In the third of the four-part How2GaN Summer Series, our GaN Experts will focus on Understanding the Impact of Dead-time, QRR, and COSS. Topics covered include:

  • The role of deadtime losses in switching losses
  • Body diode voltage drop and reverse recovery
  • The role of COSS
  • Design techniques to account for these loss components

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Mark Gurries

Speaker: Mark Gurries is a FAE providing EPC technical support to the western half of the USA. Mark works directly with customers providing all forms of technical support from education to doing designs for large customers to help them realize the full benefits of GaN FETs over silicon based solutions in multiple different type of applications.

Prior to joining EPC in 2016, Mark was a senior design engineer with 31 years of experience in product design and IC’s in the DC-DC market. Notable companies that Mark has worked for are Apple designing notebook power supplies and Linear Technology defining IC functions and specifications while designing IC demoboards and datasheet application notes. Since then Mark has moved on to smaller startup companies. Mark started his career in 1985 working for a couple of mil spec product manufactures designing and/or manufacturing power supplies. Mark has 5 patents and written over 11 technical articles in multiple electronic publications.

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Understanding the Impact of Dead-time, QRR, and COSS

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