Summer of GaN Webinar Series

Summer of GaN Webinar Series – Season 4

Achieving Benchmark Power Density of 5130 W/in3 with GaN FETs and Digital Control

Duration: 1 hour, 2 minutes Watch on Demand

This webinar will offer a comprehensive exploration of the EPC9159 1kW DC-DC demonstration board, showcasing how gallium nitride (GaN) technology and advanced digital control can revolutionize power density performance. Our experts from Microchip and EPC will provide valuable insights into the technical advantages and practical applications of GaN-based high power density solutions, enabling you to harness these cutting-edge technologies for your own projects.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Overview of GaN technology and its benefits
  • Detailed examination of the EPC9159 demonstration board
  • Achieving unprecedented power density with GaN FETs
  • Integration of digital control for enhanced performance
  • Q&A session with industry experts

Note: If you can't attend the live webinar, be sure to still register as we'll send you the recording afterward!

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Andreas Reiter: Applications Engineer, Digital Power Conversion, Microchip

Andreas Reiter

Andreas studied physics at the University of Applied Science, Munich, Germany. Since 1996 Andy focused on thermodynamic system modelling and related hardware and software development before joining the power conversion community in 2006, focusing on the development of full and semi-digital control stages of switched-mode power supplies. Andy joined Microchip Technology in 2010 and today is working as applications engineer for digital power applications. He holds several patents on control algorithms, DSP core and IC peripheral architectures.


Alejandro Pozo Arribas: Senior Applications Engineer, EPC

Alejandro Pozo Arribas

Alejandro has been a Senior Applications Engineer at EPC since August 2022. He is responsible for the design and development of demonstration boards and reference designs using GaN devices in DC/DC converters. Prior to August 2022, and since 2017, he was involved in product reliability and device characterization of EPC’s GaN devices. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2017 for his work in base drivers for SiC BJTs.