How to GaN Webinar Series

Robotics Webinar

Why GaN for Robotics and Drones?

Join EPC to discover why the superior performance of gallium nitride-based FETs and ICs make them the ideal solution for multiple applications within today’s robotic and drone systems. Learn why GaN is used today in these systems for applications as widely varied as warehouse automation, medical robotics, delivery drones, and even household robotics such as vacuum cleaners.

For your convenience, this webinar has been conducted in three different languages/time zones.

Watch the Webinar View Now: Original Broadcast Date May 19, 2021
Speaker: Conducted in English by Mark Gurries

Watch the Webinar View Now: Original Broadcast Date May 25, 2021
Speaker: Conducted in Japanese by Shoichi Yasuda

Watch the Webinar View Now: Original Broadcast Date May 26, 2021
Speaker: Conducted in Mandarin by Henry Qiu

Duration: 1 hour

In this webinar you will learn why GaN…

  • Enables smaller/lighter weight, higher precision motor drives
  • Increases range, improves resolution, and reduces size and cost for time-of-flight/lidar systems
  • Increases efficiency while reducing size, weight, and cost of DC-DC power supplies

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Mark Gurries

Speaker: Mark Gurries is a FAE providing EPC technical support to the western half of the USA. Mark works directly with customers providing all forms of technical support from education to doing designs for large customers to help them realize the full benefits of GaN FETs over silicon based solutions in multiple different type of applications.

Prior to joining EPC in 2016, Mark was a senior design engineer with 31 years of experience in product design and IC’s in the DC-DC market. Notable companies that Mark has worked for are Apple designing notebook power supplies and Linear Technology defining IC functions and specifications while designing IC demoboards and datasheet application notes. Since then Mark has moved on to smaller startup companies. Mark started his career in 1985 working for a couple of mil spec product manufactures designing and/or manufacturing power supplies. Mark has 5 patents and written over 11 technical articles in multiple electronic publications.

Henry Qiu

Speaker: Henry Qiu is the Senior FAE Manager at EPC providing technical support to customers and working with design engineers to develop applications using eGaN technology.

Henry has assisted customers to realize their product design pipelines implementing eGaN devices which optimized the circuit performance well beyond silicon FET-based solutions. Prior to joining EPC, Henry had over 6 years of experience in DC-DC power supply design. During his 3 years working for Huawei Technologies Co. Limited in Shenzhen, China, he managed power module projects, adopted GaN FETs in power supply applications, and had practical experiences incorporating the benefits of eGaN technology benefits into DC-DC, wireless power and lidar designs.

Henry earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Automation in 2011 and Master of Science degree in Control Theory and Control Engineering in 2014 from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), China.

Shoichi Yasuda

Speaker: Shoichi Yasuda joined EPC as the Vice President of Sales for Japan and Korea in October 2018 with over 20 years of work experience. His primary responsibilities at EPC are creating and implementing strategies to achieve the company’s sales objectives in Japan and Korea. Yasuda worked for a wide range of semiconductor companies holding positions as FAE, as well as Sales/Marketing management. Before joining EPC, he worked for a large stocking representative in Japan, where he acquired in-depth knowledge of EPC’s eGaN products and advantages. In representing EPC, Yasuda captured opportunities to demonstrate EPC’s solutions at various customers all over Japan, sharing with design engineers the latest technological development of gallium nitride devices and applications.