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EPC provides a growing array of design tools, models, and performance simulations to assist with your design process.  These tools allow you to select the correct GaN device for your application, simulate and optimize the thermal performance of your design, and provide application examples with all the supporting documentation needed to quickly and easily replicate the optimal design tips for ideal performance.

GaN FET Thermal Calculator

GaN FET Thermal Calculator

The GaN FET Thermal Calculator provides quick estimates for the thermal performance parameters of PCB-mounted GaN devices subject to both board-side cooling through forced convection, and backside cooling through a thermal solution consisting of a heat spreader and heatsink. The model accounts for the PCB construction (size, stack-up and via density), die sizes, power losses, TIM materials and heat sink solution.

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GaN FET Selection Tool for Buck Converters

GaN FET Selection Tool for Buck Converters

The GaN FET Selection Tool for Buck Converters calculator is an enhanced product selection tool that uses estimation and calculation for a hard switched buck converter. The objective of this selection tool is to help you find the best GaN FETs to fit your design needs.

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Cross Reference Search

Cross Reference Search Tool

EPC's GaN Power Bench™ gives you instant access to cross reference and replace many competitors’ silicon-based power management devices with eGaN® FETs. Easily compare parametric differences without opening a single datasheet to identify the eGaN FET to increase your design efficiency. Enter a competitor's part number to find a suggested replacement.

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