Using eGaN FETs for Envelope Tracking


March 17 – 21, 2013

"Using eGaN FETs for Envelope Tracking"
Speaker: Johan Strydom, PhD; Vice President of Applications, Efficient Power Conversion Corporation
Location: Long Beach, CA

The potential efficiency and operating cost improvement of envelope tracking (ET) – the modulating the supply voltage of radio frequency power amplifiers (RFPAs) – is well known. With today’s high peak-to-average-power-ratio (PAPR) requirements, the average RFPA efficiency is likely to be as low as 25%. Through ET, this can be improved to over 50% but requires a high bandwidth power-supply. Hybrid-solutions such as linear-assisted buck converters allow the require switching frequency of the buck converter to be greatly reduced. Even so, a large number of interleaved phases are required to achieve acceptable efficiency and bandwidth. The aim of this presentation is to show what switching frequencies, power levels and efficiencies are readily realizable using current eGaN FETs.