EPC9051 - Demonstration Board

EPC9051 : High Frequency Class-E Power Amplifier

EPC Development Board

The EPC9051 is a high efficiency, differential mode class-E amplifier demonstration board that can operate up to 15 MHz.

This board may also be used for applications where a low side switch is utilized. Examples include, and are not limited to, push-pull converters, current-mode Class D amplifiers, common source bi-directional switch, and generic high voltage narrow pulse width applications such as LiDAR.

The amplifier board features the 100 V rated EPC2037 eGaN FET. The amplifier is set to operate in differential mode and can be re-configured to operate in single-ended mode. The key feature of this amplifier is that it does not require a gate driver for the eGaN FETs and is driven directly from the logic gates provided. A separate logic supply regulator has also been provided on the board.

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EPC Development Board
* Maximum current depends on die temperature – actual maximum current with be subject to switching frequency, bus voltage and thermals.