EPC9088 – 10 MHz Class-E Power Amplifier

EPC9088: High Frequency Class-E Power Amplifier, Using EPC2115 eGaN® IC

EPC9088 Development Board

The EPC9088 is a high efficiency, differential mode class-E amplifier demonstration board that can operate up to 10 MHz.

This board may also be used for applications where a low side switch is utilized. Examples include, and are not limited to, push-pull converters and current-mode Class D amplifiers.

The amplifier board features the EPC2115 eGaN IC, a Dual 150 V eGaN FET with integrated gate drivers.

Status: Discontinued
EPC9088 Typical Efficiency
Measured total efficiency and output power of the EPC9088
amplifier (using EPC2115) over a reflected load impedance range.