EPC9129 - Wireless Power Demonstration System

EPC9129 - 33 W Class 4 Wireless Power Kit

EPC9129 Development Board

The EPC9129 wireless power demonstration system is a high efficiency, AirFuel™ Alliance compatible, wireless power transfer demonstration kit capable of delivering up to 33 W into a transmit coil while operating at 6.78 MHz

The popularity of highly resonant wireless power transfer is increasing rapidly, particularly for applications targeting portable device charging. The end applications are varied and evolving quickly from cell phone charging, to handheld tablets, and laptop computers. The EPC9129 kit, capable of delivery up to 33 W supports all of these applications.

The EPC9129 kit includes:

  • One EPC9512 amplifier board
  • One Class 4 transmit coil
  • One EPC9513 Category 3 receive coil
  • One EPC9514 Category 5 receive coil
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