EPC9147B: Interface Board for Texas Instruments Motor Drive Controller

EPC9147B — Motor Drive Controller Interface Board — Texas Instruments LAUNCHXL

EPC9147B Development Board

The EPC9147B is an interface board that accepts the TI LAUNCHXL development kit, such as the F28379D, or the F28069M, that features the TI C2000 F28069M microcontroller, and connects to a compatible 3-phase eGaN® FET/ IC motor drive inverter board, as it can be seen in figure 1. This interface board allows users to utilize the existing TI InstaSPIN_UNIVERSAL GUI resources together with EPC- dedicated files to program the controller board and control a motor powered by an eGaN FET/IC 3-phase inverter using sensorless field-oriented control and space vector pulse width modulation.

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