EPC9148 - Development Board

EPC9148 – 48 V Three-level Synchronous Buck Converter

EPC9148 Buck Converter

EPC9148: Ultra-Thin, multi-level converter for high performance computing systems.

The EPC9148 demonstration board is a 60 V maximum input voltage, 12.5 A maximum output current, 19 V output voltage, ultra-thin three-level synchronous buck converter with only 3.5 mm component height.

The EPC9148 features a GaN power stage, synchronous bootstrap gate drive circuit with the uP1966E gate drivers. The board also includes on-board housekeeping power supply, digital controller, current and voltage sensing, and output filter. Kelvin sensing test point of the input and output voltage are provided for accurate efficiency measurements.


  • 44 – 60 VIN to 5 – 20 VOUT
  • FSW = 400 kHz, Max height < 4mm
  • Peak efficiency = 98%, Up to 12.5 A


  • High Performance Computing – ultra-thin laptops, high-end gaming systems
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