EPC9171 KIT - Development Board

EPC9171 KIT – 90–265 VRMS Universal AC Input to 15 V–48 VDC , 5 A Output USB PD3.1 Reference Design Board

EPC9171 Development Board

The EPC9171 demonstration board is an universal AC input voltage range and frequency isolated power supply, designed for USB PD3.1 systems and supports operation in Extended Power Range (EPR) Mode. It is capable of supplying 240 W maximum output power at 48 V output voltage and 5A load current. A power density of about 1.1 W/cm3 is achieved by employing, GaN power switches operated at high switching frequencies in both the primary and secondary circuits.

The synchronous rectifier stage of this design employs a pair of 100 V rated, 3.2 mΩ, EPC2218 GaN switches on the secondary side of the LCC stage. The GaN switches are driven by fast synchronous rectifier controllers to minimize the losses over the whole output voltage and current range and allow a simple yet effective thermal design.

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