EPC9508 - Development Board

EPC9508 : ZVS Class-D amplifier board for wireless
power transfer systems

EPC9508 is the amplifier (source) board for a ZVS Class-D wireless power transfer system.

The EPC9508 amplifer board features the 65 V rated EPC8009 and the 100 V EPC2007 eGaN FETs in a half bridge topology (for single ended configuration) or full bridge topology (for differential configuration), and includes the gate driver/s and oscillator that ensures operation of the system at 6.78 MHz. The amplfier board can also be operated using an external oscillator.

The amplfier board is equipped with a pre-regulator that limits the current of the supply to the amplifier. The pre-regulator also monitors the temperature of the main amplifier FETs and will reduce current if the temperature exceeds 85°C. The pre-regulator can be bypassed to allow testing with custom control hardware. The board further allows easy access to critical measurement nodes that allow accurate power measurement instrumentation hookup.

Status: Obsolete
Use EPC9512 for new designs
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EPC Development Board
* Assumes inductive load, maximum current depends on die temperature – actual maximum current will be subject to switching frequency, bus voltage and thermals.