EPC9512 - Wireless Power Demonstration Board

EPC9512 - 33 W Wireless Power Amplifier

EPC9512 Development Board

The EPC9512 wireless power amplifier board is a high efficiency, AirFuel™ Alliance compatible, wireless power transfer demonstration board capable of delivering up to 33 W into a transmit coil while operating at 6.78 MHz.

The amplifier can be set to operate in either differential mode or single-ended mode and includes the gate driver(s), oscillator, and feedback controller for the pre-regulator that ensures operation for wireless power control based on the AirFuel standard. This allows for compliance testing to the AirFuel class standard over a load range as high as ±35j Ω.

The EPC9512 can also be purchased as part of the EPC9120 full demonstration kit. The full demonstration kit includes the EPC9512 amplifier board, an AirFuel™ compatible Class-4 source coil, a Category 3 receiving device and a Category 4 receiving device .

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