uP1966E: 80 V Half Bridge Gate Driver for eGaN® FETs


  • 0.4 Ω/0.7 Ω pull-down/pull-up resistance
  • Fast propagation delays (20 ns, Typical)
  • Fast rise and fall times (8 ns/4 ns, Typical)
  • Adjustable output for turn-on/turn-off ability
  • CMOS compatible input-logic (independent of supply volage)
  • Under voltage lockout for supply input
uP1966E: 85 V Dual-Channel Gate Driver for eGaN FETs
Die Size: 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm


  • DC-DC Converters
  • Isolated DC-DC Converters
  • Sync rectification for AC-DC & DC-DC
  • LiDAR/Pulsed Power
  • Point of Load Converters
  • Class D Audio
  • LED Lighting
Status: Active
EPC is authorized to sell uP1966E in Americas and EMEA. For support of uP1966E in Asia please contact uPI Semiconductor


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Half Bridge Example: EPC90123 100 V, 25 A half-bridge evaluation $118.75
DC-DC Example: EPC9153 High efficiency (>98%) 250 W buck converter $309.96

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