EPC2023 - Enhancement Mode Power Transistor

VDS, 30 V
RDS(on), 1.45 mΩ
ID, 90 A
Pulsed ID, 590 A
RoHS 6/6, Halogen Free

EPC2023 Enhancement Mode GaN Power Transistor
Die Size: 6.05 mm x 2.3 mm


  • DC-DC Converters
  • Motor Drive
  • Industrial Automation
  • Synchronous Rectification
  • Inrush Protection
  • Point-of-Load (POL) Converters


  • Higher Switching Frequency – Lower switching losses and lower drive power
  • Higher Efficiency – Lower conduction and switching losses, zero reverse recovery losses
  • Smaller Footprint - Higher power density
  • Lower RDS(on) - Higher current operation
Status: New Device Offered (NDO)
The GaN Experts recommend EPC2067 for new designsNDO Note: This is an earlier generation device, and although it is fully supported, the recommended device will provide better price and performance in most applications.
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