Ultra High Frequency eGaN® FETs

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Ultra High Frequency FETs

Blurring the Line Between Power and RF Transistors.

Power systems and RF designers now have access to high performance GaN power transistors with switching frequencies into the low GHz range, enabling innovative designs not achievable with silicon.

Cutting new ground for power transistors, these devices have switching transition speeds in the sub nano-second range, making them capable of hard switching applications above 10 MHz. Even beyond the 10MHz for which they were designed, these products exhibit very good small signal RF performance with high gain well into the low GHz range, making them a competitive choice for RF applications.

Examples of applications benefiting from the low power, compact, high frequency EPC8000 family of devices include hard-switching power converters operating in the multi-megahertz range, envelope tracking in RF power amplifiers, and highly resonant wireless power transfer systems for wireless charging of mobile devices.

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