GaN IC’s Provide a Spark for Wireless Power

Wireless Power Market

  • GaN integrated circuits designed specifically for resonant wireless power transfer applications.
    • GaN half bridge with integrated bootstrap FET
  • Enable rapid design of highly efficient end-user systems, setting the stage for mass adoption of wireless power transfer.
  • Extremely small, chip-scale packages, reduce the size of the overall system.
  • Reduced component count – one GaN device versus three FETs!
EPC2107, EPC2108 GaN

Datasheet Summary

GaN Integrated Circuits

Q1 Control FET Q2 Sync. FET Bootstrap FET Q1 Control FET Q2 Sync. FET Bootstrap FET
EPC2107 100 390 mΩ 390 mΩ 2.1 Ω 900 pC 1250 pC 134 pC
EPC2108 60 240 mΩ 240 mΩ 2.1 Ω 710 pC 930 pC 134 pC

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A4WP Compatible Demonstration Kits Reduce Time to Market

Wireless Power Demo Board

Demonstration kits contain a source board (transmitter or power amplifier), an A4WP compatible source coil (transmit coil) and an A4WP compatible device coil with rectifier and DC smoothing capacitor.

Class Output Power Operating Frequency
EPC9113 3 16 W 6.78 MHz
EPC9114 2 10 W 6.78 MHz

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In addition to designing A4WP Rezence compliant power products, EPC has published a Wireless Power Handbook dedicated to addressing wireless power systems design issues such as multi-mode operation and EMI compliance.

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