What would you design if you had the “ideal” power switch?

eGaN® FETs offer engineers the opportunity to broadly replace power MOSFETs and LDMOS transistors with improved efficiency.

Power Switch Wish List:

  • Lower On Resistance
  • Faster
  • Less Capacitance
  • Smaller

Lower RDS(on) and Faster…It starts with a superior conduction mechanism:
Superior conduction starts with the confinement of electrons into a two dimension electron gas (2DEG) leads to high conductivity and high velocity. This is a property of eGaN FETs.

Less Capacitance…Superior Figures of Merit give unprecedented: performance:
eGaN FETs offer designers best in class Figures of Merit versus MOSFET in both hard switching and soft switching applications.

Smaller Size…Think Big – Buy Small!
Board space is very expensive real estate. eGaN FETs are provided in a low inductance, low resistance, small, low cost LGA package.

Alex Lidow, EPC's CEO, is interviewed by Don Tuite, editor of Electronic Design, about EPC's new and novel applications for its eGaN FET.