What would you design if you had the “ideal” power switch?

eGaN®FETs offer engineers the opportunity to broadly replace power MOSFETs and LDMOS transistors with improved efficiency.

Power Switch Wish List:

  • Lower On Resistance
  • Faster
  • Less Capacitance
  • Smaller

Lower RDS(on) and Faster…It starts with a superior conduction mechanism:
Superior conduction starts with the confinement of electrons into a two dimension electron gas (2DEG) leads to high conductivity and high velocity. This is a property of eGaN FETs.

Less Capacitance…Superior Figures of Merit give unprecedented: performance:
eGaN FETs offer designers best in class Figures of Merit versus MOSFET in both hard switching and soft switching applications.

Smaller Size…Think Big – Buy Small!
Board space is very expensive real estate. eGaN FETs are provided in a low inductance, low resistance, small, low cost LGA package.