Growing ecosystem for GaN Power Conversion at EPC

eGaN Drivers and Controllers

eGaN® FET-based power conversion systems offer higher efficiency, increased power density, and lower overall system cost than Si-based alternatives. These advantageous characteristics have spurred the presence of an ever increasing ecosystem of power electronics components such as gate drivers, controllers, and passive components that specifically enhance eGaN FET performance.

Semiconductor suppliers such as uPI Semiconductor, Texas Instruments and Microchip, continue to release drivers and controllers to meet the growing demand for GaN-based designs.

Below is a list of existing IC’s compatible with eGaN FETs:

How to GaN 04a – Design Basics: Gate Drive. In this video, the basic techniques for using GaN transistors in high-performance power conversion circuits is discussed.

Compatible Low-Side Gate Drivers

Part Number Manufacturer Description Application Example
UCC27611 Texas Instruments 4 A/6 A High-Speed 5 V Optimized Single Gate Driver EPC9081
LMG1020Texas Instruments5 V, 7 A/5 A Low Side GaN Driver With 60 MHz/1ns SpeedEPC9144
uP1964uPI SemiconductorSingle-Channel Gate Driver for Enhancement Mode GaN Transistors---
IXD_604IXYS4-Ampere Dual Low-Side Ultrafast Driver---
LMG1025-Q1Texas InstrumentsAutomotive 7-A/5-A single-channel low-side gate driver with 5-V UVLO for narrow pulse applications---
ADuM4120ARIZ Analog Devices Isolated, single-channel driver with 2 A output ---
ADuM4121ARIZ Analog Devices 2 A isolated, single-channel drivers ---

Compatible Half-Bridge Gate Drivers

Part Number Manufacturer Description Application Example
NCP51810 On Semi 150 V Half Bridge Gate Driver for GaN Power Switches Contact EPC
NCP51820 On Semi -3.5 to +650 V, adjustable dead time, dual LDOs Contact EPC
LM5113Texas Instruments5 A, 100 V Half-Bridge Driver for eGaN FETsEPC9078
LMG1205Texas Instruments1.2 A, 5 A, 100 V Half-Bridge Driver for eGaN FETsEPC9078
uP1966E uPI Semiconductor Dual-Channel Gate Driver for eGaN FETs EPC9078
uP1966D uPI Semiconductor Dual PWM input Gate Driver ---
LMG1210Texas Instruments200 V, 1.5 A/3 A Half Bridge GaN Driver With Adjustable Dead-timeContact EPC
Si827xGB-IMSilicon LabsIsolated, automotive, up to 2.5 kV isolation, 4 A.
Dead time programmable. Use “GB” and “IM” suffixes.
LMG5200Texas Instruments80 V GaN Half-Bridge Power StageLMG5200POLEVM-10
ADuM4221A Analog Devices Isolated, half-bridge drivers with Adjustable Dead Time, 4 A output ---

Compatible Controllers for Synchronous Rectifiers

Part Number Manufacturer Description Gate Driver Included
UCD7138 Texas Instruments Synchronous Rectifier Controller Yes
TEA1993TS NXP Synchronous Rectifier Controller Yes
TEA1995T NXP Dual Synchronous Rectifier Controller Yes (Dual)
TEA1998TS NXP Synchronous Rectifier Controller Yes
NCP4305A On Semiconductor Secondary-side Synchronous Rectifier Controller Yes
NCP4306AOn SemiconductorSynchronous Rectifier ControllerYes
NCP4308AOn SemiconductorSynchronous Rectifier ControllerYes

GaN Compatible Controllers for Buck and Boost Converters

Part Number Manufacturer Description Operating Frequency
dsPIC33CK32MP102Microchip100 MHz Single-Core 16-bit DSCUp to 100 MHz
NCP8111On Semiconductor3 Phase VR12.5¬6 High Speed Digital Controller with SVID and I2CInterfaces250 kHz − 5 MHz
LTC7800Analog DevicesLow IQ , 60 V, High Frequency Synchronous Step-Down Controller320 kHz - 2.25 MHz
MIC2127A Microchip Synchronous Buck Controller w/Adaptive On-Time Control 270 kHz - 800 kHz
MIC2103/4 Microchip Synchronous Buck Controller w/Adaptive On-Time Control 200 kHz - 600 kHz
LM5140-Q1 Texas Instruments Wide Input Range Dual Synchronous Buck Controller 440 kHz - 2.2 MHz
TPS40400 Texas Instruments 3 V-20 V, 30 A, PMBus Synchronous Buck Controller 200 kHz - 2 MHz
TPS53632G Texas Instruments Half-Bridge, D-CAP+ Controller for 48-V GaN DC/DC Converter 300 kHz - 1 MHz
ISL8117ARenesasSynchronous Step-Down PWM Controller100 kHz - 2 MHz
ISL81806Renesas80 V Dual Synchronous Buck Controller100 kHz - 2 MHz
ISL81807Renesas80 V Dual or 2-Phase Synchronous Boost Controller100 kHz – 2 MHz

Compatible ICs for High Reliability Applications

Part Number Manufacturer Description Function
FBS-GAM01P-C-PSEEPC SpaceSingle Output eGaN Gate Driver ModuleGate Driver
FBS-GAM02P-C-PSEEPC Space50 V Radiation Hardened High-Speed Multifunction Power eGaN® HEMT DriverHEMT Driver
FBS-GAM02-P-R50EPC Space50 V/10 A Radiation Hardened Multifunction Power ModulePower Stage
ISL70040SEHRenesasRadiation Hardened Low Side GaN FET DriverGate Driver