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GaN for Consumer Applications Series: Design with GaN Power Electronics for Higher Efficiency, Smaller, Lower Cost Power Banks, Battery Management and Regulators

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As the proliferation of portable devices and consumers dependency on those devices grows, the demand for portable and always available power has increased exponentially. Power banks supply power to portable devices such as smartphones and tablets through the USB port and are likewise charged through the USB port and store that charge for later use. GaN FETs and ICs enable power bank designs that are ultra-compact and maximize energy storage.

Join the webinar to learn:

  • How GaN-based designs support fast and high-efficiency charging and discharging of portable power banks.
  • How the lower switching losses of GaN enable higher switching frequencies and higher power densities compared to traditional silicon designs allowing for the use of smaller passive components which provide designs that are lighter and more compact.
  • How despite the small size, GaN devices are more thermally efficient than silicon which allows for more efficient cooling to keep the adapter cool and safe from heat damage.

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Andrea Gorgerino

Speaker: Andrea Gorgerino Director of Global Field Application Engineering @Efficient Power Conversion (EPC). Andrea Gorgerino is an engineering Leader with several years of professional experience in leading design and development of power electronics products, including hardware and firmware.

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Design with GaN Power Banks, Battery Management and Regulators

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