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Design with GaN Power Electronics for More Efficient and Reliable Solar Inverters and Energy Storage Systems

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Gallium nitride (GaN) FETs and ICs are being widely adopted for solar applications because they offer significant benefits for efficiency, size, weight, and long lifetime.

Join the webinar to learn:

  • How GaN designs result in the highest efficiency for solar optimizers.
  • How GaN enables the highest power density, excellent thermal performance, and proven lifetime for microinverter designs.
  • How energy storage systems using GaN can achieve higher efficiency and density, simplified cooling, and longer lifetime.
  • How EPC uses a test to fail methodology to accurately predict how GaN devices can last more than 25 years in solar applications.

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Andrea Gorgerino

Speaker: Andrea Gorgerino Director of Global Field Application Engineering @Efficient Power Conversion (EPC). Andrea Gorgerino is an engineering Leader with several years of professional experience in leading design and development of power electronics products, including hardware and firmware.

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Design with GaN Power Electronics for Solar Webinar

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