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eGaN FETs for Class A RF Amplifiers

High frequency enhancement mode transistors, such as the EPC8000 series eGaN® FETs from EPC, have been widely available since September 2013 and enable simplified designs at RF frequencies. In this installment, we present the RF characteristics of the EPC8000 series devices and show their implementation in a pulsed class A amplifier. The amplifier is pulsed to allow operation within the thermal operating limits of the device, since RF device power dissipation is typically on the same order of magnitude as the RF power delivered, unlike switching devices, such as the EPC8000 series, that operate well above 95 % efficiency. The EPC8000 series FETs, designed originally for switching power conversion applications, otherwise exhibit excellent RF characteristics and in conclusion will be compared with similar specified LDMOS.

By: Alex Lidow
May 29, 2014