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Experts Weigh in on GaN & SiC at APEC 2024

Experts Weigh in on GaN & SiC at APEC 2024

In this video from Power Electronics News, a lineup of distinguished speakers from semiconductor companies shares insights into groundbreaking developments in gallium nitride– and silicon carbide–based power devices.

The GaN speakers address two critical questions shaping the future of wide bandgap:

  1. The significance of substrate material choice for GaN-based power devices. They elaborate on how this choice impacts device performance, reliability and manufacturability and discuss how researchers are tackling substrate-related challenges.
  2. Specific market segments where GaN devices are outperforming traditional silicon-based solutions, driving adoption and revealing the technology direction of their respective companies. The speakers include:
    • Robert Taylor, applications engineer/general manager industrial applications at Texas Instruments
    • Michael de Rooij, VP of applications engineering at EPC
    • Balu Balakrishnan, CEO of Power Integrations

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