EPC9510 - Development Board

EPC9510 : 100 V ZVS Class-D amplifier board for
wireless power transfer systems

The EPC9510 is a high efficiency, Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS), class-D wireless power amplifier demonstration board that operates at 6.78 MHz (Lowest ISM band). The purpose of this demonstration system is to simplify the evaluation process of wireless power amplifier technology using eGaN® FETs by including all the critical components on a single board that can be easily connected into an existing system.

The amplifier board features the enhancement-mode, half-bridge field effect transistor (FET), the 100 V rated EPC2107 eGaN FET with integrated synchronous bootstrap FET.

The amplifier can be set to operate in either differential mode or single-ended mode and includes the gate driver/s, oscillator, and feedback controller for the pre-regulator that ensures operation for wireless power control based on the A4WP standard. This allows for testing compatible to the A4WP class 2 standard over a load range as high as ±35j Ω. The pre-regulator features the 100 V rated 65 mΩ EPC2036 as the main switching device for a SEPIC converter.

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Table 1: Performance Summary (TA = 25°C) EPC9510 Amp Board
EPC9510 Parameters Table
* Maximum current depends on die temperature – actual maximum current will be subject to switching frequency, bus voltage and thermals.