EPC90153 - Development Board

EPC90153: 80 V, 20 A Half-Bridge Development
Board Featuring EPC2619

EPC90153 Development Board

The EPC90153 is a half-bridge development board with onboard gate drive featuring the 100 V rated EPC2619 eGaN®FET. The purpose of this development board is to simplify the evaluation process of the EPC2619 by including all the critical components on a single board that can be easily connected into most existing converter topologies.

The EPC90153 development board is 2” x 2” and contains two EPC2619 GaN FETs in a half bridge configuration. The EPC90153 features the uP1966E gate driver. The board also contains all critical components, and the layout supports optimal switching performance. There are also various probe points to facilitate simple waveform measurement and efficiency calculation.

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