EPC9042 - Development Board

EPC9042 : 300 V Half-Bridge Development Board

The EPC9042 development board has a 300 V maximum device voltage, 3 A maximum output current, in a half-bridge topology with onboard gate drives, featuring the EPC2025 enhancement-mode (eGaN®) field effect transistor (FET)

The purpose of this development board is to simplify the evaluation process of the EPC2025 eGaN FET by including all the critical components on a single board that can be easily connected into any existing converter.

EPC9042 WaveformsWaveforms for EPC9042, VIN = 240 V to 5 V/ 3 A (100 kHz) Buck converter
CH1: PWM Input – CH2: Inductor current – CH4: (VOUT) Switch node voltage

EPC9042 Parameters Table* Maximum current depends on die temperature – actual maximum current with be subject to switching frequency, bus voltage and thermal cooling.
# Limited by time needed to ‘refresh’ high side bootstrap supply voltage.