EPC9115 - Development Board

EPC9115: 500 W 1/8th Brick Converter

The EPC9115 demonstration board is a fully regulated 300 kHz isolated DC/DC bus converter with a 12 V, 42 A output and a input range of 48 – 60 V. The demonstration board features the 4th generation of enhancement mode (eGaN®) field effect transistors (FETs), the EPC2020 (60 V) and EPC2021 (80 V), along with eGaN FET specific integrated circuit drivers – the LM5113 half-bridge driver and UCC27611 low side driver from Texas Instruments. The power stage is a conventional hard-switched 300 kHz isolated buck converter. The EPC9115 board is intended to showcase the superior performance that can be achieved using the Gen 4 eGaN FETs and eGaN driver together in a conventional topology.

Fully assembled reference design developed for testing and performance validation only, not available for sale. For new designs, suggest EPC9174
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EPC9115 Efficiency Chart
Typical Efficiency Curves for 48 V,52 V,56 V and 60 V Input
Operating conditions: 400 LFM (2 m/s) forced convection, ambient temperature 27°C, thermal steady state.
EPC9115 Parameters Table
* Maximum limited by thermals