EPC9146 - Development Board

EPC9146 – 400 W Motor Drive Demo Board

EPC9146 Development Kit

The EPC9146 power board contains three independently controlled half bridge circuits, featuring the EPC2152 monolithic ePower™ Stage with integrated gate driver, 80 V maximum device voltage, 15 A maximum output current. It can operate under full load with PWM frequency up to 3 MHz. The EPC9146 contains critical functions for power drive application, including monolithic power stage with integrated gate driver, regulated auxiliary power rails for housekeeping supplies, voltage, and temperature sense, accurate current sense, protection functions and so on.

The EPC9146 can be paired with the following individually designed mating boards (EPC9147 series boards) to allow the user to control this power board directly through some mainstream microcontroller boards leveraging existing resource for quick development purposes.

EPC9147A mate board for Microchip dsPIC33EP256MC506
EPC9147B mate board for Texas Instruments LAUNCHXL—F28069D
EPC9147C mate board for all ST Micro motor control boards with 34-pin IC connector (e.g. STM32G474E-EVAL)

The EPC9146 is also available as a full kit – see EPC9146A


  • High efficiency: > 98.4% @ 400 W output
  • Small size: Inverter board measures 81 mm x 75 mm
  • Very small rise and fall times, down to 1 ns
  • Full phase current sense with high accuracy (three inline current sense)
  • Good noise immunity
  • Protection features such as over-temperature, over-current monitoring, and input voltage under voltage lockout
  • Protection features:
    • Over-temperature
    • Over-current monitoring
    • Input voltage under voltage lockout


  • Three-phase motor drive
    • Robotics, drones, e-mobility
  • Multiphase interleaving buck converter
  • Full bridge converter
Status: Obsolete
The GaN Experts recommend EPC9176 for new designs
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