EPC9153 - Development Board

EPC9153 – 250 W High Efficiency, Thin Power Module

EPC9153 Power Module

EPC9153: 44–60 V Input, 12-20 V, 12.5 A Output up to 250 W High Efficiency, Thin Power Module for high performance computing systems.

The EPC9153 demonstration board is a 60 V maximum input voltage, 12.5 A maximum output current, 12 - 20 V output voltage, thin synchronous buck converter.

The EPC9153 features a GaN power stage using the EPC2218 and EPC2038 eGaN® FETs. The uP1966E gate driver that features high driving strength is used to drive the FETs. The synchronous bootstrap circuit ensures 4.9 V gate voltage is used for the high-side gate drive. Digital control that allows sub-10 ns dead-time and flexibility in control scheme development is employed. In order to optimize the efficiency, two small on-board switch-mode power supply circuits are used to generate the housekeeping 5 V and 3.1 V voltages for the gate driver and the digital controller respectively.


  • 44 – 60 VIN to 12 – 20 VOUT
  • Constant switching frequency = 400 kHz
  • Max component height = 6.5 mm
  • Temperature rise: < 40 °C @ 20 V with 12.5 A output
  • High efficiency = 98.2% @ 20 V/12.5 A output


  • High Performance Computing – computers, displays, thin consumer electronics
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EPC9153 Efficiency Chart
Total system efficiency including the housekeeping power consumption at 20 V output