EPC9162 - Development Board

EPC9162 – 50 W Boost / 60 W Buck Bi-Directional Demo Board

EPC9162 Development Kit

The EPC9162 demonstration board is a bi-directional buck or reverse-boost converter. It has a low and high voltage port. When powered from the low voltage port it can boost the voltage with output on the high voltage port up to 60 V maximum. If powered from the high voltage port, it operates as a buck converter.

The synchronous converter features the 100 V EPC2052 GaN FET, while the EPC2038 GaN FET is used in the synchronous Bootstrap FET circuit. The EPC9162 is by default programmed as reverse boost converter that is powered from the low voltage port.


  • High efficiency:
    • 95% @ 12 V input, 60 V / 0.85 A output (reverse-boost)
  • Temperature rise: < 40 °C @ 60 V / 0.85 A output
  • Constant switching frequency: 500 kHz
  • Digital control: Re-programmable


  • LED backlighting
    • Laptops, PC monitors
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