FBS-GAM02-P-C50 – 50 V / 10 A Rad Tolerant Multifunction Power Module

FBS-GAM02: Universal GaN Adaptor Module

Development modules include two output power switches, two high speed gate drive circuits (consisting entirely of eGaN® switching elements), two power Schottky diode clamp elements, shoot-through prevention logic and +5 V gate drive bias “power good” monitoring circuitry.

Key Features:

  • 50 V / 10 A (Fully De-Rated Operation) utilizing 100 V internal GaN switching technologies
  • Four Possible Configurations
    • Single Low Side Driver
    • Single High Side Driver
    • Independent High and Low Side Drivers
    • Half Bridge with Shoot-Through Protection
  • High Speed Switching Capability: 1 MHz
  • Space-Efficient, 18 pin SMT Molded Epoxy Package
  • Development Vehicle for:
    • FBS-GAM02-P-R50 Radiation Hardened 50 V, 10 A Half-Bridge Multi-Function Driver/Logic/Integrated output Power GaN - Available
    • FBS-GAM02-C-R50 Planned
    • - High Dose Rate TID to levels of no less than 100 kRad
    • - Single Event Immunity Heavy Ion: Au, LET = 83.7, 2482 MeV, Range = 130 μm

FBS-GAM02-P-C50 – Functional Block Diagram

FBS-GAM02-P-C50 – Functional Block Diagram


  • Power Switches/Actuators
  • Single and Multi-Phase Motor Phase Drivers
  • Commercial Satellite EPS & Avionics
  • High Speed DC-DC Conversion


18-pin SMT molded epoxy package (1in x 0.75in)