Moore’s Law Revival: Gen4 eGaN® FETs

Moore’s Law Revival: Gen4 eGaN® FETs
DC-DC Converter Evaluation Boards
EPC9018: 12 V – 1.2 V
EPC9019: 48 V – 12 V

eGaN® power transistors continue to raise the bar for power conversion performance. Fourth generation eGaN FETs range from 30 V to 200 V and significantly widen the performance gap between the aging power MOSFET and gallium nitride-based transistors. Lower on-resistance, lower capacitance, higher current, and superior thermal performance enable power converters with greater than 98% efficiency.

  • Lower On-resistance (RDS(on))
    The new family of eGaN FETs cuts on-resistance, (RDS(on)), in half, enabling high current, high power density applications.
  • Improved Figure of Merit (FOM)
    The latest generation of eGaN FETs cuts the hard-switching FOM in half compared with the previous generation for improved switching performance in high frequency power conversion applications.
  • Extended Voltage Range
    Extending the performance benefits of GaN to 30 V enables higher power DC-DC converters, Point-of-Load (POL) converters, synchronous rectifiers for isolated power supplies, PCs, and servers.

Gen 4 Datasheet Summary

Part Number Voltage Max RDS(on) (mΩ)
(VGS = 5 V)
Max. Peak Pulsed ID (A)
(25°C, Tpulse = 300 µs)
Half-Bridge Development Boards
        Standard Low Duty Cycle
EPC2023 30 1.45 590 EPC9031 EPC9018
EPC2024 40 1.5 560 EPC9032  
EPC2020 60 2.2 470 EPC9033  
EPC2021 80 2.2 390 EPC9034 EPC9019
EPC2022 100 3.2 390 EPC9035  
EPC2019 200 43 42 EPC9014