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DC-DC Converter Handbook, A Supplement to GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion

by David Reusch, John Glaser



Demand for information is growing at unprecedented rates and society’s insatiable appetite for communication, computing and downloading, is putting ever-increasing demands for improved efficiencies and performance on data centers.

Our first challenge – how will power conversion systems continue to improve in order to keep pace with the rapid improvements in computing power and the need for efficient data centers.

The second focus – to create power conversion solutions using GaN devices and making performance comparisons with silicon power transistors traditionally used in power conversion systems.

And, finally – to propose, create, and test a new power delivery architecture taking advantage of the superior performance attributes of GaN.

Book Reviews

“Tutorial books like this strengthen design engineers’ understanding of how to properly implement this amazing power element technology to create power supply architectures with performances and advantages that we have never before been able to implement as we move forward into the future to meet the difficult needs that electronic power supplies will have in order to optimize the many demanding system requirements that are to come.”

Steve Taranovich
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“The DC-DC Converter Handbook authored by David Reusch and John Glaser is intended for power-system designers who employ GaN (gallium nitride) power transistors. It supplements GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion, which was published in 2012.This new book emphasizes use of enhancement mode GaN, called eGaN power transistors, for dc-dc power conversion.”

Sam Davis
Power Electronics
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