Space and Harsh Environment

Radiation Tolerant Enhancement Mode Gallium Nitride FETs

Envelope Tracking Forecast

To Infinity and Beyond! Power supplies used in harsh environments, such as space, high-altitude flight, or high-reliability military applications must be resistant to damage or malfunctions caused by ionizing radiation.

Most electronic components require design or manufacturing variations to reduce their susceptibility to radiation damage. For this reason, radiation-hardened devices tend to lag behind the most recent developments.

EPC has worked with industry leaders to test high-reliability GaN products for military and space applications. These products have shown excellent radiation performance under Total Ionizing Dose (TID) and Single Event Effects (SEE) environments. EPC does not provide any guarantee on the radiation performance of our commercial die for space applications. For more information please contact

Freebird Semiconductor Partners with EPC for Development of Radiation Hardened Gallium Nitride Power Conversion Systems for Satellite and Harsh Environment Applications.

Radiation Hardened Multifunction Power Modules are available from Freebird Semiconductor. These Universal GaN Adapator Modules (GAMs) incorporate eGaN® switching power HEMTs with GaN-based high speed gate drive circuits for end use design within commercial satellite space environments.