EPC GaN Integrated Circuits

GaN Integrated Circuits

The greatest opportunity for Gallium Nitride (GaN) to impact the performance of power conversion systems comes from the intrinsic ability to integrate both power-level and signal-level devices on the same wafer.

The first commercial GaN ICs from EPC appeared in 2014 in the form of monolithic half-bridge devices. As the technology progressed, more complex integration started to appear in the market, such as a product that includes two power transistors and driver circuitry and enables efficient operation up to 7 MHz when driven by a low power logic gate.

Next, the introduction of a monolithic half bridge that incorporates driver and level shift circuitry to create a monolithic power stage is planned.  This IC will be followed by a series of monolithic power stage products with best in class performance and application specific features that will usher in new era for power conversion.

In time, the performance and cost advantages of GaN-on-silicon will result in a majority of applications currently using silicon-based devices converting to the smaller, faster, cheaper, and more reliable GaN technology. For more information on GaN ICs, request the GaN IC Fact Sheet.

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