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Where is GaN Going? EPC Releases Six Videos Featuring GaN Technology in Game-Changing Industrial and Consumer Applications

Where is GaN Going? EPC Releases Six Videos Featuring GaN Technology in Game-Changing Industrial and Consumer Applications

Produced by industry experts, Efficient Power Conversion has posted six videos showing active end-use applications such as wireless power transfer, single-stage 48 V – 1 V DC-DC conversion, and envelope tracking for 4G/LTE base stations using gallium nitride transistors and integrated circuits.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – April 2016 - Efficient Power Conversion Corporation ( has created and posted to its website six short videos presenting end-customer applications using eGaN® FETs and ICs. The videos show how GaN technology is changing the way we live and challenge power systems design engineers to incorporate the high performance of gallium nitride FETs and ICs into their next generation power system designs.

The application demonstration videos posted are:

1. eGaN Technology Changing the Way We Live: Demonstrations from APEC 2016
Alex Lidow shows eGaN FETs and ICs in more than 10 applications, including single stage 48 V to Point of Load DC-DC conversion, wireless power transfer, LiDAR mapping, and envelope tracking.

2. eGaN Technology for Wireless Power Transfer
eGaN products are already used extensively in wireless power transfer systems, including a multi-mode system. This video shows how. In addition to EPC’s demonstrations, several customer wireless power end products are featured, such as those from WiTricity, Solace Power, and Gill Electronics.

3. eGaN FETs for LiDAR (Light Distancing and Ranging)
LiDAR technology is rapidly gaining traction in applications where speed and accuracy is vital, such as in autonomous vehicle guidance and augmented reality systems. This video demonstrates the capability of eGaN FETs to enable high current pulses with ultra-short transition times of a few hundred picoseconds.

4. eGaN FETs for Envelope Tracking
Envelope Tracking can double communication base station efficiency and increase cell phone talk time in both 4G and 5G standards. In this video, the ultra-fast performance of EPC’s 60 W, 20 MHz bandwidth, 4-Phase, LTE compatible envelope tracking demonstration board is presented.

5. eGaN FETs, ICs, and Modules for 48 V to Point of Load DC-DC Conversion
Rethinking server power architecture used in the data center with GaN technology allows the elimination of the intermediate 12 V bus currently used, while increasing power usage efficiency (PUE). In this video, two demonstrations showing; 1) a single stage conversion from 48 V to 1V at 40 A, using a GaN-based module from Texas Instruments, and 2) a 48 V to 1.8 V at 20 A single-stage hard-switched buck converter using eGaN ICs are discussed.