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CNIPA Validates Key Claims of EPC’s GaN Power Technology Patent

CNIPA Validates Key Claims of EPC’s GaN Power Technology Patent

根据国家知识产权局官网20204年4月2日的消息,宜普电源转换公司(Efficient Power Conversion Corporation, EPC,以下简称宜普公司)一件名为“增强型GaN高电子迁移率晶体管器件及其制备方法”的专利(专利号ZL201080015388.2)的核心权利要求6、9、10、13、14、17、18、22-26在无效程序(案件编号:4W116775)中被维持有效。该件专利的无效请求人是英诺赛科(苏州)科技有限公司(以下简称英诺赛科公司)。

According to the information on the official website of the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) on April 2, 2024, the key claims 6, 9, 10, 13, 14, 17, 18 and 22-26 of the Chinese patent titled “Enhancement mode GaN HEMT device and method for fabricating the same” (Patent No. ZL201080015388.2) owned by Efficient Power Conversion Corp (“EPC”) have been maintained valid during an invalidation procedure (case number: 4W116775), which was requested by the petitioner Innoscience (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. (“Innoscience”).


As compared with products using silicon-based devices, transistors and integrated circuits using GaN-based technology are superior in terms of higher efficiency, reduced weight and lower cost.  The key claims which are held valid as mentioned above cover core technologies of the design and the manufacturing process of EPC’s proprietary enhancement-mode GaN-based power semiconductor devices.  By virtue of multiple innovations including such technologies, EPC has successfully brought GaN-based power devices from laboratory to market.

2023年5月,宜普公司向美国联邦法院和美国国际贸易委员会(U.S. International Trade Commission, ITC)提起了诉讼,主张其基础专利组合中的四项专利受到英诺赛科(珠海)科技有限公司及其子公司英诺赛科公司的侵犯,其中包括前述中国专利ZL201080015388.2的美国同族。作为回应之一,英诺赛科公司于2023年9月针对宜普公司在中国的专利ZL201080015388.2向国家知识产权局提起了无效请求。

In May 2023, EPC filed complaints before the US Federal Court and the US International Trade Commission (ITC), asserting that Innoscience (Zhuhai) Technology Co., Ltd. and its affiliate Innoscience infringed four patents of its foundational patent portfolio, which include the US counterpart of this Chinese patent ZL201080015388.2. As part of the responses to those complaints, Innoscience filed, in September 2023, a request to invalidate the EPC’s Chinese counterpart patent ZL201080015388.2 before the CNIPA.


Pursuant to the Chinese Patent Law, Innoscience may appeal this invalidation decision before the Beijing Intellectual Property Court within three months.