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Join EPC at CES 2018

Join EPC at CES 2018

Jan 01, 2018

EPC Desktop Wireless Power CES 2018

We are quite excited about this year’s CES being held in Las Vegas from January 9th through the 12th.  Our excitement is grounded in the fact that we will be showing the power of GaN technology in two locations – within the AirFuel Alliance booth at the Sands Hotel and in our hospitality suite at the Venetian hotel!

As a partner within the AirFuel Alliance booth at CES 2018, EPC will display a GaN-based wirelessly powered system embedded in a desktop that can power multiple devices anywhere on the surface up to a total power consumption of 300 W.  This level of power makes it possible to simultaneously power a computer, run a monitor, power a lamp, communicate via a talking digital assistant, and charge a cell phone – without running a single power cord to any of the devices.

EPC and AirFuel Alliance

The AirFuel Alliance booth (#40140) is located in the CES Tech West Smart Home Section in the Sands Expo, 200 Sands avenue.

In the EPC Palazzo hospitality suite at The Venetian hotel, visitors can enter a wireless world. We will have multiple wirelessly powered surfaces on display to demonstrate the myriad of consumer uses in the home such as running a blender in the kitchen, powering a radio and baby monitor while charging a wearable on a nightstand, and powering both a computer and lamp while charging a phone on a desktop.

GaN FET LiDAR systemAlso shown in our suite will be an eGaN® FET-based LiDAR system.  LiDAR technology is emerging as the leading technology to act as the “eyes” for self-driving cars. Visit our suite to see the demonstration and learn how GaN technology is enabling these higher resolution and lower cost LiDAR systems.

Also within our suite we will be listening to high quality audio produced by a compact, audiophile level class-D amplifier using GaN FETs in the output stage. These components reduce feedback, take up less footprint, and operate cooler than more traditional MOSFETs.

This past year, 2017, has been an exciting year with increasing innovative applications using GaN technology – from consumer products through high-end servers to space and satellite power systems.  Our customers are finding the need to continue to introduce products in their markets that demand performance beyond the limits of silicon.

As I visited customers around the globe this year our customers’ inquiries changed from two years ago, when they were asking “why GaN instead of silicon?” Now, designers are asking “how they can incorporate EPC eGaN technology into our products.” 

Over my 30 years of semiconductor experience with both large and small OEMs, I have found that there are major milestones of succession that accompany every new advanced technology. The adoption cycle and adoption is always the same; validation of a technology, the use of the technology enhancing a designer’s system beyond any other available technology, and then the game-changing stage where designers drive the technology into new end-use applications.

The current stage of GaN acceptance is very exciting, designers are getting creative with GaN technology and are pushing the boundaries of traditional power conversion disciplines. Designing with eGaN technology, engineers are enabling higher integration and combining multiple functions with GaN to position their products as best in class.

GaN driver ICs and controllers In addition to new eGaN products, I have witnessed the expansion of the ecosystem of complementary components, such as driver ICs and controllers continuing to be developed by well-known manufacturers like Texas Instruments, Murata-Peregrine, and Freebird Semiconductor releasing products.

As you can see, it is no wonder we’re excited about CES 2018 where we will be showing how GaN technology is gaining momentum with end applications that are changing the way we live

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