GaN Aerospace Markets and Applications

Aerospace and Defense

The electronics used in harsh environments, such as space, high-altitude flight, or high-reliability military applications demand optimal system level performance and reliability. GaN FETs and ICs are smaller, lower weight, more efficient, higher reliability, and lower cost than aging silicon devices. This enables entirely new architectures for satellite power and data transmission, robotics, drones, and aeronautical power systems.

Space systems include space programs, satellite busses, space exploration, and service providers.

Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) GaN FETs have inherent radiation tolerance. For applications requiring radiation hardened rated devices, the EPC7000 series, Rad Hard GaN devices, have been specifically designed for these critical applications in the high reliability or commercial satellite space environments. These products have demonstrated excellent radiation performance under Total Ionizing Dose (TID) and Single Event Effects (SEE) environments.