EPC9179: 80 V, 75 A Laser Diode Driver Evaluation Board

EPC9179: 80 V, 75 A pulsed laser diode driver evaluation board

EPC9179 Lidar Demo Boards

The EPC9179 evaluation board is primarily intended to drive laser diodes with high current pulses with pulse widths in the single digit nanosecond range. The board uses the fully automotive qualified EPC2252.

The board ships with the EPC9989 interposer board to provide the user with a simple means of mounting a small set of commercially available lasers. The EPC9989 has a collection of breakaway 5 mm square interposer PCBs with footprints for different lasers and various alternative loads. The use of the interposers allows many different lasers or other loads to be mounted on the evaluation boards. The boards do not include a laser diode or load, which must be supplied by the user.


  • High current pulse generation with nanosecond pulse width
  • Integrated high bandwidth measurements for key waveforms
  • Optional narrow pulse generator to simplify operation with typical pulse and function generators
  • Single-ended or differential logic inputs


  • Lidar systems – detecting objects in autonomous vehicle applications, where speed and accuracy of detection is critical
    • Autonomous vehicles
    • Automated guided vehicles (AGV)
    • Robotics
    • Drones

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